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Fireworkz - The Integrated Spreadsheet and Word Processor

With Fireworkz you can produce pages such as this easily
The Fireworkz spreadsheet (not this screenshot) is live
so that you can enter your own date of birth

Bio Rhythms

Download a Demonstration Version of Fireworkz 32 for RISC OS

For a limited period of time we are making a 'demo version' of
Fireworkz 32 for RISC OS

With this demo version you will not be able to Save nor Print your work
The spell checker has been disabled

This 32 bit version will run on the Iyonix machine
It will run on 26 bit hardware provided that the 32 bit !System files have been installed

Download Fireworkz 32 for RISC OS     (800KB)

Fireworkz for Windows

You can buy Fireworkz for Windows from us
All Fireworkz format files made using Fireworkz for RISC OS
will run in Fireworkz for Windows on a Windows machine